200 Miles – 1976 Harley-Davidson SS175

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One of the several models offered by Harley during the dark days of the AMF partnership, the SS175 is never going to be high up on the collectibility scale of two-wheelers with the Harley-Davidson logo on the tank. Despite that, this example stands out as it is in impressive condition – it has only done 200 miles over the last 41 years.

Over a three year production run (’75-’77), 1,571 SS175s were sold. The 174cc two-stroke motor was paired with a 5-speed transmission and fueled by a 27mm Dell’Orto. Dry weight was 275 pounds. For more information on the model, check out Aermacchi World.

The seller claims this is a “Touring” model, which is why it has saddlebags, but I cannot find any other mention of a Touring variant of the SS175. Either way, find this SS175 for sale here on VFT.org (scroll down about 5 bikes to find it) in Woodland, California for $3,900.

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