2002 Jawa Speedway

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Post-Sale Update: After 36 bids on eBay, this Jawa Speedway sold for $2,605.55.

We can’t imagine many readers will actually have a need to own this bike, but we wanted to take the opportunity to spread the word a little about speedway racing, an incredible type of motorsport that does not get enough love in the US. Imagine bikes weaving in and out of each other at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour on dirt/shale surface…going sideways nearly the entire time. Bikes like this Jawa Speedway are the weapon of choice – note that it does not have a transmission or brakes! Just a throttle, a clutch, and a whole lot of excitement.

Jawa Speedway - Right Side

This speedway racer is powered by the Jawa 884, a 500cc air cooled SOHC engine with an impressive 15:1 compression ratio. The 884 variant is a high-revving long stroke engine that runs of methanol, capable of over 11,000rpm (where the engine will be producing 68 horsepower). Nearly 70 horsepower pushing just 170-ish pounds of weight, and no brakes. Curious to see what that looks like? The seller includes a video of this specific bike racing here – what a sight!

Jawa Speedway - Engine

This specific Jawa Speedway is a documented race winner which has spent the last 10 years of its life in storage. Recently brought out to see the light of day, this bike has been serviced and is claimed to be ready to go.

Jawa Speedway - Right Side Naked

Find this Jawa Speedway for sale here on eBay with bidding up to $1,025 (and no reserve!) in Willow Springs, Missouri.

Jawa Speedway - Left Side