2004 BMW R1150R Rockster

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BMW announced the Rockster prototype in 2002 with asymmetrical headlights and an attention grabbing paint scheme. Despite being a parts bin bike, it caused enough of a stir to go into production. Though heavily based on the standard R1150R, the Rockster was the first boxer engine to have twin spark cylinder heads that later became standard fare. Other differences from the standard bike include sportier front stanchions, a wider rear wheel, and flatter bars. Overall however, the bike delivers a comfortable motorcycling experience, and the 85 hp boxer is happiest at speeds you can actually attain.

BMWs are great machines, capable of comfortably and reliably going tens of thousands of miles. The hard part is finding one for sale that hasn’t already done that. This 2004 BMW Rockster has just 12,715 miles, incredibly low for the average boxer engine. Southern California life seems to have been gentle, but some wear visible on the gas tank where a pad usually goes suggests it may have been a daily rider for a while. There also appears to be some scuffs on the right side engine case indicating a possible tip. I would ask for some more details from the current owner about the service history, but at $3,450, it seems like a reasonably well priced commuter.

Find this Rockster for sale in Hacienda Heights, California for $3,450 here on Craigslist.