2006 Harley Davidson V-Rod Destroyer

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The Harley Davidson V-Rod Destroyer was HD’s first ready to go drag bike. Based on a V-Rod (VRSC), and tuned by their in-house Custom Vehicle Operations department, the “Screamin’ Eagle Destroyer”, known by the VRXSE code, was capable of a sub 10 second quarter-mile.

Harley Davidson V-Rod - 1

We try to avoid featuring bikes available at dealerships, but we had to make an exception for this unique ride. Brand new, these bikes were over $31,000, and have a very limited market as they are not street legal. Real racers only, please.

Harley Davidson V-Rod - 2

This bike has plenty of upgrades over the VRSC it was based on, including a Screamin’ Eagle stroked 1,300 cc “stroked” engine, racing wheels with slick tires, and all the drag-related goodies (like programmable shift lights and a wheelie bar) that you’d expect. Surprisingly for a drag bike, you also get a 3.7 gallon tank.

Harley Davidson V-Rod - 3

With the exception of a few decals and the pig decal on the front headlight, this specific Harley Davidson V-Rod is pretty much stock. All of these bikes came with emergency shut-off tethers, an instrument panel, drag handlebar with drag race specific controls, and 3 ECUs to help manage what’s going on. The beautifully sculpted race seat is stock, as well.

Harley Davidson V-Rod - 4

Find it here on Craigslist in San Francisco, California for $18,999 plus fees.