1968 Harley Davidson Golf Cart

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This Harley Davidson Golf Cart is not what you’d expect to see from the Milwaukee based motorcycling giant, which is exactly why we had to feature it. Back in 1963, someone at HD decided that making golf carts was “close enough” to making motorcycles, and they started cranking out the carts. They made both gas and electric models – this is one of the much more common gas powered carts.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart - 2

As a 1968 model, this was the last year of production for the Harley Davidson golf cart before the division was sold to AMF. These original carts have a few features that distinguish them from other carts of the time. For example, this has the beautiful tiller wheel, three wheel frame, and a rear clamshell that opens up most of the bodywork. HD made some four wheel variants, but the three wheel carts are definitely more popular with collectors. The front wheel did the steering, and the rear wheels were powered by a 250cc two stroke gasoline engine.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart - 3

This specific Harley Davidson golf car is a terrible shade of yellow, but these are rare enough where it’d be worth repainting to whatever you’d like. One of the seats looks like it will need upholstering, but it’s in fair shape otherwise – most importantly, it starts and runs. The only thing it’s missing is the optional top to provide shade.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart - 4

Find it here on Craigslist for $1,500 in New Hampshire.

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