2008 Aprilia Bol D’Or RSV1000R

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Post-Sale Update: This Aprilia Bol D’Or RSV1000R has sold, final price unknown.

The Aprilia Bol D’Or was a very limited production bike built to commemorate Aprilia’s particpation in the Bol D’Or, a 24 hour endurance race that occurs every spring at Le Mans. I have to admit, the idea of creating a bike to celebrate participating in a race as opposed to say, winning it, is a little bizarre to me, but I can’t complain too much when it leads to interesting motorcycles like this.

Aprilia Bol D'Or - 1

Stock from the factory, this Aprilia Bol D’Or came well equipped, with Olhins front forks, a slipper clutch, Brembo calipers, and of course – the exclusive paint job. Only 200 of these bikes were released over two years, so this will check all the right boxes for those of you looking for performance, exclusivity, and a dash of purple…

Aprilia Bol D'Or - 2

The specific Aprilia Bol D’Or has a few choice extras – particularly the Dan Moto exhaust. Enjoy the new tires and touch up the scratch on the right side lower fairing, and you’ll have an incredibly unique, somewhat practical (for a superbike) beauty to ride on.

Aprilia Bol D'Or - 5

Find it here on Aprilia Forum for $8400 in Arnold, Maryland.

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