2007 Aprilia SXV 550

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Post Sale Update: This SXV sold for $6,500 after 3 bids on eBay.

Aprilia’s SXV550 was an absolute monster that journalists fell in love with as soon as it was released – Visor Down said “only nutters need apply“. It’s a supermoto with a powerful V-Twin, excellent components, and race-bred pedigree: the bike had already won the S2 World Supermoto Championship as a prototype before it was released to the world. Unfortunately, the early bikes had serious issues with the sealant used in the engine cases. If spotted early, you could reseal the motor and everything would be fine. If not, water would get into the oil and you’d be looking at a V-Twin paperweight. This bike comes with the original motor, but you’ll get it separately as it’s been blown and the seller had a fresh rebuilt motor installed in its place already.

Looks like the seller’s a few other interesting bikes in the collection…

This example (VIN: ZD4VSC5087S000289) has just 246 miles, 10 of which are on the new motor (which was supposedly built by a “Piaggio/Aprilia Senior Technical Manager” as a favor to the owner). The new motor has updated fuel injection mapping from the 2010 model and an updated starter/starter clutch. The seller (who is the original owner) claims that this motor has been derestricted and as such it puts out 73 horsepower.

Find this SXV for sale in Craryville, New York with an unmet opening bid of $6,500 or a BIN of $8,450

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