2010 Yamaha VMAX

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Post Listing Update: This VMAX did not meet reserve despite 24 bids up to $8,000 on eBay.

Power cruisers are definitely not everyone’s idea of a good time. For me though, there is no better way to ride low and…sort of slow. The VMAX houses a monstrous 1679cc V-4 pushes out 197 hp. Massive six piston calipers clamp dual front rotors. A solid chassis and shaft drive provide a solid connection between face melting torque and a meaty rear tire. With 685lbs to haul around the bike is no ballerina, but several years of R&D has resulted in a bike easily capable of handling a weekend of cruising. If drag racing is your thing, a healthy aftermarket will support your wildest dreams.

This well-kept 2010 Yamaha VMAX (VIN: JYAVP29E6AA001883) is looking for a new home. The current owner enjoyed this 4,845 mile bike with pride, and has a parts list to match. Several UFO Performance parts are installed, no doubt taking the crank horsepower number well past 200. Stand out mods include a 2” lowering kit, which may help tame the beast for some riders. There is also supposedly an aftermarket exhaust, but it looks like they stopped after the headers and left out an actual silencer. I don’t know how well the bike is tuned to compensate for that, and may be a question for the seller. Fortunately the stock exhaust is included if you want to tame the beast a little. Several pictures depict red paint that has been sheltered from the Florida sun, and this bike is no doubt a beast kept under a cover.

Find this VMAX for sale in Sarasota, Florida with bidding up to $600 and the reserve not yet met

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