240 HP – Carpenter Racing Triumph Rocket III

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Post-Listing Update: This Carpenter Racing Triumph Rocket III got one offer, but it wasn’t good enough to move the bike.

2-25 Update: 2 months later, this Carpenter Racing Triumph Rocket III is back up for sale, but this time on eBay. Find it with a BIN of $17,499 or best offer

The Triumph Rocket III made quite the stir when it first came out in 2004, as it had the largest displacement engine fitted to mass production motorcycle – a whopping 2.3L that put out 140 hp. Fun fact: the STARTER motor on this bike makes as much power as Triumph’s first-ever motorcycle – just about 1.75 horses. The bike was available in a few styling variants, all of which focused on the ‘power cruiser’ look. Despite the prodigious power, the Rocket III struggled to capture market share among traditional HD riders, but it’s been in production for the last 10 years.

Carpenter Racing Triumph Rocket III - Front

Bob Carpenter, owner of Carpenter Race Engines, has spent years selling horsepower to the public. They took on the Triumph Rocket III as a project, and developed a $5,900 (installed) package that will give R3 owners 240 wheel horsepower. Feel free to smoke nearly anything in the road in comfort on your new flying couch. Carpenter has actually put a Rocket III (named the Triumph Silverback) into the 8’s in the quarter mile.

Carpenter Racing Triumph Rocket III - Gauges

This specific Triumph Rocket III is the first Carpenter Racing build. It’s claimed to be in perfect condition, and the hand-pinstriping looks fantastic. The seller has created a walk-around that’s way too long, skip to about 7:00 to get the good stuff:

Find this Triumph Rocket III for sale here on ADVRider (registration required) for $17,500.

Carpenter Racing Triumph Rocket III - Right Side

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