3 Classic Mopeds

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A seller in Los Angeles is letting go of three oddball mopeds – two run, but the third isn’t producing a spark.

First, we’ve got a 1967 VeloSoleX.
Velosolex - Left Side Built by Solex of France, the VeloSoleX was created in 1946 and was offered in 70 countries. Production ended 1988 though it was eventually restarted in other countries. This is claimed to be a European model that the seller has had for 10 years. The 49cc engine goes through a single-speed friction drive. It’s available here on Craigslist for $650.Velosolex - Engine

Then we’ve got a 1959 Bianchi Sparviero.
Bianchi Sparviero - Right SideBuilt in Italy under a license from Puch, the Sparviero uses a 2 stroke 49cc engine with a 2 speed transmission. The scoot got a carb cleaning last week and it’s ready to go. It’s available here on Craigslist for $750.Bianchi Sparviero - Engine

Lastly, we’ve got a 1967 Bianchi Falco.
Bianchi Falco - Left SideAnother rarity, the Falco was never officially sold in the US. Unlike the other bikes for sale in this post, this one doesn’t run as it’s not generating a spark. The seller says it has good compression and comes with the optional speedometer. Like the others, this has a 49cc 2-stroke motor, though this features a whopping 3 speeds. It’s available here on Craigslist for $650. Bianchi Falco - Tank

Or snag ’em all for a package deal, I can’t imagine someone who wants one of these wouldn’t be interested in the other two, as well!