52 Miles – 1993 Kawasaki Zephyr ZR1100

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Post Listing Update: This Zephyr did not meet reserve despite 28 bids up to $8,900 on eBay in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In the early 90s, Kawasaki introduced the Zephyr, a retro-styled bike which emulated the legendary Z1. It was available in a wide variety of displacements but the big boy was the 1100, which utilized an evolution of the 8V DOHC air-cooled unit from the GPz1100. The hope was that you’d get modern convenience with classic looks, though the seat of the pants performance apparently did not match the reputation of the original. This example stands out as it has just 52 miles on the odometer!

For more on the big Zephyr, check out this Riding Impression on Cycle World. This specific Zephyr (VIN: JKAZRBA19PA025333) “spent most of its life under a cloth cover in the back of a Kawasaki dealership.” It was recently brought back to life and is claimed to be 100% original though some rubber pieces were replaced as part of the service that made it rideable again. The photos show three cosmetic issues – one on the exhaust and two in the paintwork.

Find this Zephyr for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota with bidding up to $8,200