Allstate Puch Quadfecta

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Not to be confused with the insurance company, Allstate was a distributor of motorcycles, scooters, and even a couple of cars between the 40s and the 60s. Through varying partnerships with Gilera, Puch, Vespa, Cushman, and others, Allstate sold vehicles through unconventional outlays. The Allstate Puch, as you could imagine, was built by the Austrian firm, Puch. What you might not expect was that you could order it at a Sears department store, or even via the mail-order catalog!

Allstate Puch 175 - Featured

Today, we’ve got four examples of the cooperation between Puch and Allstate. All of them just happen to be in Florida. Find these lovely examples of the Allstate Puch brand here on eBay:

1960 Allstate Puch 125. This was the entry level option. This specific bike has original paint, and runs well. It has an interesting rod-shift mechanism, and a hardtail rear end. Find more photos here.  (This bike sold for $1,525)

Allstate Puch 125  - Left Side

1955 Allstate Puch 175. The 175 was the mid-level bike. This particular example apparently runs perfectly, and also comes with an accessory side stand, which is quite rare for the Allstate Puch bikes. Find more photos and a video of the bike running here. (This bike did not meet reserve at $1,478)

Allstate Puch 175 - Right Side

1956 Allstate Puch 175. This 175 has just 15 miles on the clock, and looks simply immaculate. While the others bikes featured today are up for bids and have reserves, this is simply offered for a $3,500 Buy-It-Now price. Incredibly, the original battery still works on this little bike. (This bike sold at the BIN price of $3,500)

Allstate Puch 175 - Gauge

1960 Allstate Puch 250. The 250 was the top of the line, and is famous for it’s “Twingle” engine. This was a variant on the two-stroke engine where both cylinders shared a combustion chamber. Previous attempts on this engine were notorious for fouling plugs, but Puch made improvements that nearly eliminated such issues. This specific bike has been repainted in the lovely “Lustrous Maroon”, and has had several mechanical pieces replaced as well. Consider it a nearly full restoration that was performed back in 2011. Only a few miles have been put on since, and now this Allstate Puch is ready for a new owner. Find more pictures and a video of this Twingle running here. (This bike did not meet reserve at $3,201)

Allstate Puch 250 - Left Side