Best of Multiple Worlds – 1966 Triton

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12-23 Update: This Triton is back up for sale after it did not meet reserve the last time at $9,300. Now it’s available with bidding up to $6,000 or a BIN of $9,500

Normally a Triton is just the combination of a Triumph engine with a Norton Featherbed frame – but this take on the venerable Triton build brings in some Asian components as well. Purists may stick up their noses, but this builder included a ’76 Bonneville 750cc engine, Amal 930 concentric carbs with velocity stacks, the front fork assembly from a Suzuki GT 750 (the Water Buffalo), Tomaselli grips, a Honda dip switch and horn button, and the rear sets/master cylinder from a Yamaha R6. You can decide if that’s not British enough for you, but the next owner will hopefully get a bike that runs great, regardless of the country of origin of certain parts.

Find this Triton for sale in Athens, Tennessee with bidding up to $6,500 and the reserve not yet met