Bikers Helping Bikers – Standard Motorcycle Co.

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When I was at the launch of the BMW RnineT Scrambler earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Paul Michaels. He mentioned to me that he was starting a motorcycle co-op in Orlando, and while I thought that was cool, I didn’t see how it would really affect me as a resident of Los Angeles – I mean, we’ve got Lucky Wheels, right? Then he mentioned his plan for a DIY virtual technical library, and that’s when I got really interested.

For me, the beauty of what Jason is putting together is the virtual library. As Standard Moto puts it, “Imagine learning frame geometry from Kevin Dunworth of Loaded Gun Customs, metal shaping from Marlowe Buelvas of Rusted Jalopy, design theory from Roland Sands or suspension tuning from a pro race mechanic.”


Visual learners will appreciate being able to follow along with a video as opposed to just reading text. Topics include frame building, sheet metal fabrication, engine diagnostics, wheel building, picking the proper tools on a budget, suspension tuning, and even how to setup your own home garage. To this point, Jason and his team have invested over $75,000 to make this happen, but they need $50,000 more to finish the job.

Here’s an example of a sheet metal workshop at Standard:

I’ve only spent a couple of hours with Jason but it’s clear he has the talent and passion to make this happen, if not the all of the required cash (ain’t that a common complaint?). So join me in helping him out – head on over to their Kickstarter to help the cause.