Industry First – 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 LTD

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By 1976 the Japanese motorcycle industry was in full bloom. Innovations seemed to come out monthly, the race was on to build the fastest production bike for that year, and the UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) was becoming established as a standard in the industry. Kawasaki rolled out the KZ900 LTD as a ‘limited edition’ factory custom with pulled back handlebars, king and queen seat, fat rear tire and lots of chrome. Not to mention dual disc front brakes, Mullholland shocks and Morris aluminum spoked wheels. The buying public went crazy and the ‘factory custom’ was available at every marquee in 1977. The 900 LTD was a one year wonder, it became the 1000 LTD in ‘77.


The 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 LTD used an 900 CC (55.1 CID) air cooled four stroke dual overhead cam inline four cylinder motor that produced 82 hp. With a full duplex cradle frame and five speed transmission the top speed was in excess of 120 MPH. The Z1 may have been faster, but the KZ900 LTD had way more style.


This particular KZ900 LTD (VIN: Z1F110807) is in Glendale, Arizona and is listed as ‘beautifully restored, looks and runs great’. It is a rare bike and first of it’s kind. The bike has a Buy It Now price of $5,500