Bought on Bike-urious – 1992 BMW K1

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These have quickly become my favorite types of posts to write up – sharing the story of someone who bought a bike on Bike-urious! Today’s congratulations go to Michael B, who snapped up a 1992 BMW K1 that I originally spotted on Craigslist, and saw again for sale 6 months later on ADVRider.

BMW K1 - 1

I’ll let Michael tell the story himself:

‘Just before Christmas this year you folks showed a 1992 K1 BMW that had re-appeared for sale again . I went to ADVrider forum where I’m an Inmate. I traveled down to Alpharetta, GA on the following Tuesday with a good riding buddy from South Africa we call “Bogart” with my Kedron trailer and a pocket full of cash.

Bought on Bike-urious - BMW K1 - Trailer

I had been searching to add a “Flying Brick” to my riding collection and been denied by a gentleman in Chicago last spring who was selling his “ketchup & mustard” K1 because “it had been in his living room for 15 years.” When I told him I was going to ride it, he said he had no interest in selling to “someone like me”.

Anyways, we completed the sale and trailered it back to NC. I brought it to Bombar’s Beemers in Durham, NC and completed a major overhaul of the K1. It is now on the backroads of NC, VA, TN, and GA.

It’s wonderful machine by BMW and a delight to add to my fleet of seven, my wife Doc Susie says we now have to move for a bigger garage, SWEET.”

Bought on Bike-urious - BMW K1 - Front

Congrats, Michael! I’m honored that I could somehow help you out in adding to your fleet! Have you bought one of the motorcycles featured on Bike-urious in the past? We’d love to hear about your success and hopefully share your story, so drop me a line at

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