British Frankenstein – 1975 Honda CB400F1 Dirtbike

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Here’s something you won’t see every day. Or possibly ever. Someone has taken a CB400 , and over one week, turned it into an interpretation of the giant ‘trailie’ bikes inspired by the Paris-Dakar.

Honda CB400F1 Frankenstein - Front Left

Featuring a relatively rare six-speed transmission, the CB400F was styled somewhat like a cafe racer and had an engine that produced 37 horsepower. Weighing just over 400 pounds, a rider could knock off the quarter mile in about 14.1 seconds. But what makes this bike special isn’t just the absurdity of it, it’s also the story associated with its’ creation.

Honda CB400F1 Frankenstein - Rear Left

During a week off for Christmas, the owner and his friend made all kinds of modifications, including the front end from a DT125R, a car exhaust, twin headlamps from a RD350LC, Sebac shocks, and much, much, more. The plan was for the seller and his friend to ride to Paris to catch the start of the next Paris-Dakar rally, but unfortunately his friend was killed in an automobile accident. Though he’s kept it in dry storage for years, the seller now believes that the best way to honor the memory of his friend is for this bike to actually be used.

Honda CB400F1 Frankenstein - Rear Right

Find this Honda CB400F1 Dirtbike for sale here on ADVRider (registration required) somewhere in Britain for £750.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Aaron K!

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