Bumblebee – 1988 BMW R100GS

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In 1980, BMW released the R80GS, the first dual-sport motorcycle with a large engine that was comfortable and could perform in the city as well as in the dirt. It still stands as a reference today. In 1987, BMW went one step further in the development of their most successful trail model and released the R100GS.

The R100GS featured a flat-twin 980cc engine that produced 60hp at 6500rpm. With 462 lb, the GS could reach a top speed of approximately 112 mph. The first-generation R80GS received some complaints about the Monolever rear suspension which pushed BMW to develop a new system, the Paralever. Another upgrade was the 40mm Marzocchi fork instead of the prior 36mm unit. Among major differences with the same-generation 800cc GS, the R100 had an oil cooler and a small windshield that increased both performance and comfort. To get more information about the R100GS, you can check the BMW Dean website.

The GS presented here is in good condition showing about 36k miles. The bike is sold with an extra seat, gas tank and rear rack. However the seller indicates it could need a new front tire and that there is a small hole on the seat.

Find this R100GS in Venice Beach, California for $6,000 here on Craigslist.

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