CA Plated – 2002 Honda Gyro Canopy

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I’ve featured several examples of Honda’s quirky 3-wheeler called the GYRO (which is apparently an acronym for “Great Your Recreation Original.”) The US only got one of the versions, a “S” model that was focused on just carrying a rider around. But Japan got multiple variants include, the X, the UP, and the Canopy. The Canopy was introduced at the end of 1990, and it got extra features in the form of a cargo box and, obviously, a canopy. These are very hard to find in the US, and this one is extra special as it’s already titled and plated in California.

The Canopy also got a larger front tire and brake to help with the extra weight that came from the modifications. In 2002, Honda noted that they had sold 62,600 Gyro Canopies since the December 1990 introduction. This example is claimed to have originally been a “Japanese postal scooter”, which I find fascinating. The seller has several new spare parts including a seat cover and front basket.

Find this Gyro for sale in Fremont, California for $3,000 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Frank S!

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