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1967 Puch M125

In Austria, Small Displacement by Abhi2 Comments

The Puch M125 was built between ’66 and ’71 (though only 2 were made the first year, so this is one of the first example). In the United States, it was offered by Sears, who called it the Sears Lightweight SR125. Worldwide, just shy of 9,000 were produced.

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1 of 133 – 1997.5 KTM 200LE Jackpiner

In Austria, Off-Road by Abhi1 Comment

You’re either going to look at this bike and drool, or wonder what the big deal is. If you fall in the latter camp, here’s a refresher of how KTM came to be in the US, thanks in no small part to John Penton. If you’re in the former camp, just scroll down to the for sale listing and snap …

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1 of 25 – 2010 KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition

In Austria, Sport by Abhi1 Comment

In 2010, KTM started importing the RC8R to the US. To celebrate, they released two limited edition models, both of which had just 25 examples produced. One was the Akrapovic Edition (reader Zack B. actually found one for sale just 3 days ago), the other is this post’s subject – the KTM RC8R Red Bull Edition.

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680 Miles – 2002 KTM 640 LC4 Adventure

In Austria, Dual-Sport by Abhi3 Comments

Oh all the 650-ish cc dual sports out there, KTM’s take was by far the best in the dirt. Here’s an example (VIN: Vbkgsl4032m747266) with just 680 miles that’s going to find a new owner – because it’s up for bidding with no reserve. It’s being offered by the second owner who is including a brand new battery in the …

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Restomodded – 1991 KTM 300/380 EXC

In Austria, Dual-Sport, Less than 5k by AbhiLeave a Comment

It performs like a new bike but looks like an almost-classic. This 1991 KTM 300EXC has been given the engine, brakes, and suspension from a 2001 KTM 380EXC, creating an interesting package. As part of the mechanical changes, this bike also got NOS plastics, graphics, seat cover, and more. Unfortunately, the front light and fender are not the original KTM …

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1968 Puch 250 SGS

In Austria, Standard by AbhiLeave a Comment

Imported to the US by Sears under the Allstate brand, the SGS was Puch’s big bike of the day. It featured a distinctive split single engine – two pistons that shared the same combustion chamber. Because of this, it was also known as the Twingle.

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78 Miles – 1996 KTM 620 RXC

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Post Sale Update: This RXC sold for $3,383.33 after 44 bids on eBay. Gotta love those 90s plastics. Here’s an beautiful example of a large KTM thumper. It has just 78 miles and is being offered with no reserve so it’s going to have a new owner. Note that the front brakes will “need to be serviced”, but this has …

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818 Miles – 1996 KTM Duke 620e

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Considered by many to be the birth of the supermoto, the KTM Duke 620 was a revelation when it was introduced as a concept. Riders loved it enough that KTM eased into limited production. These bikes are a silly amount of fun, but I’m going to defer to Cycle World’s review of the bike in 1995 to give you an …