Ending Soon – New 1997 KTM 200LE Jackpiner

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Post Listing Update: This Jackpiner was relisted several times, though it never met reserve and the highest bidding ever got was 22 bids up to $3,900.

You’re either going to look at this bike and drool, or wonder what the big deal is. If you fall in the latter camp, here’s a refresher of how KTM came to be in the US, thanks in no small part to John Penton. If you’re in the former camp, just scroll down to the for sale listing and snap it up!

1997 KTM 200LE Jackpiner - Rear Fender

Built to celebrate KTM’s 30th anniversary, a limited run of these Jackpiners (some consider them to basically be a prototype of the 200MXC) was released with unique blue plastics, an Ohlins shock, and a whole bunch of trinkets, including a mug, a t-shirt, and a certificate of authenticity.

1997 KTM 200LE Jackpiner - Fairing

This example (VIN: VBKEXJ209VM200202) is a 2-owner bike that has never been started, as it was initially purchased with the intention of never being started or ridden due to its collectible nature. There are a couple of minor cosmetic flaws inclding a nick on the paint of the bottom of the frame, and some scratches on the front fender and rear mudguard. A bigger issue would be the fact that it does not have a title or MCO – maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s never going to be ridden.

Find this Jackpiner for sale in Salem, Oregon with bidding up to $3,252 and the reserve not yet met

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