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2014 Ducati Hypermotard

In Italy, Sport by Jeffrey PamerLeave a Comment

There was a recent episode of Revzilla’s “High Side, Low Side” that stuck with me – the topic was: are there too many types of motorcycles? It raised the question of whether the hyper-specialized classes of motorbikes is hurting or helping our struggling industry.

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Signed by Schwantz – 1991 Suzuki RGV250

In Japan, Sport by AbhiLeave a Comment

When Suzuki introduced the RGV250, it was a revelation. MCN put it thusly: “back in the day 250cc race replicas were the sharpest handling, most frenzied, maddest things you could buy on two wheels. Nowadays the RGV250 is a modern classic and is probably a bit slower and softer than you’d remember. It still looks good, sounds amazing and the …

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243 Miles – 2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200

In America, Sport by Mazlow PetosaLeave a Comment

In 2009, Harley-Davidson reached into the nostalgia bag and brought out the XR1200. The flat track fenders and raised suspension bore a clear resemblance to the XR750 before I even knew what flat tracking was. Since Harley cancelled the model in 2013, flat tracking has seen a resurgence in popularity, and Indian recently launched their FTR1200 using similar “race inspired” …

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Unexpected Custom – 1987 Ducati Indiana Street Tracker

In Custom, Italy by Tim HuberLeave a Comment

Though Ducati’s Indiana was something of a commercial flop, it does make for a pretty interesting base for a street tracker with its Italian-built V (or rather “L”) Twin and pressed-steel backbone frame. Built by Redonda Motorcycles of Coimbra, Portugal, this one-off 1987 example features a myriad of custom works and aftermarket parts as well as upgrades to some of …

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Sitting For Years – 1980 Suzuki GS450

In Japan, Standard by Mazlow PetosaLeave a Comment

Post Listing Update: This GS450 did not get any interest at the opening ask of $1,995. The Suzuki GS450 doesn’t grab as many headlines as Honda’s middleweight competitor, but it was still a machine that was worth of your consideration. Options included a boxy take on the café racer and some more relaxed, cruiser oriented styles. Journalists of the time …

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Early Production eBike – 1999 EMB Lectra VR24

In America by Tim HuberLeave a Comment

Post Listing Update: this EMB did not get any interest at the BIN of $2,500. Originally founded in Northern California in 1995 by Scott Cronk and Rick Whisman, Electric Motorbike Inc — or simply “EMB” – was an early eBike manufacturer. Not long after the company’s inception, Whisman jumped ship, though Cron kept at it and was eventually joined by …

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2019 Kawasaki Z900RS

In Japan, Standard by Jeffrey PamerLeave a Comment

If the Honda CB750 shaped the UJM as we know it, the Kawasaki Z1 was the hardening process that solidified it. The Z1 was Kawasaki’s answer to Honda’s influential bike, as Kawasaki was already making a 750cc inline four-cylinder motorcycle when Honda released the 750. The CB’s debut forced Kawasaki to pivot, and they responded by upping the displacement in …

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1970 OSSA Stiletto 250

In Off-Road, Spain by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post Listing Update: This Stiletto did not meet reserve despite 4 bids up to $5,500 on eBay in Carlsbad, California. Nowadays, the word “stiletto” typically refers to heels. But a stiletto is actually a thin dagger, and that’s why it shares a name with this slender OSSA MXer.

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Restored – 1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC

In Japan, Sport by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post Sale Update: This Kawi did not meet reserve despite 26 bids up to $15,855 on eBay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Kawasaki Z1R-TC was the first ‘production’ turbocharged motorcycle, and was an absolute game-changer. Only 500 of these bikes were produced: 250 in the first generation in the usual baby blue color, and 250 in the second generation with …

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Ending Soon – 1976 Honda CB400F

In Japan, Standard by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post Listing Update: This CB400F did not meet reserve despite 5 bids up to $4,534 on eBay in San Francisco, California. The CB400F wasn’t as fast as its competition, but it was smoother, quieter, and more efficient. It also had some of the most beautiful production exhaust headers ever built. As you may have seen in my review of the …

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1979 Honda CB750F Super Sport

In Japan, Sport by Mazlow PetosaLeave a Comment

Post Sale Update: This Super Sport sold for $3,150 after 15 bids on eBay in Olathe, Kansas. 6-19-2019 Update: Eight months later, this CB750F is back up for sale, and the reserve has been met even though the bidding is nearly $1,000 less than the last sale price. How will it end up? The listing ends soon, so find this …

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Street-Legal Sumo – 2013 Honda CRF450R

In Japan, Sport by Tim HuberLeave a Comment

Thoroughly transforming any stock two-wheeled offering into a high-performance track weapon never comes cheap. Aftermarket parts, Baja Designs LED headlight kit, engine and suspension tuning, cosmetic mods: it all adds up quickly. For this reason, purchasing an example that somebody else has already gone through the trouble and expense of upgrading can save you a massive amount of money. That’s …

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1 of 760 – 1972 Yankee Z500

In America, Dual-Sport by AbhiLeave a Comment

In the early 70s, John Taylor of Schenectady, New York started building the Yankee Z500, an American dual-sport designed to compete with the best bikes coming out of Europe. Yankee Motor Company started by importing machines from OSSA, the Spanish off-road powerhouse, and then moved to modifying OSSA engines in their own custom frames. Eventually, they combined two OSSA 250cc …