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Jet-Powered Trike – 2018 MTT 420RRT

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Based in Louisiana, Marine Turbine Technologies is a self-described “design, engineering and manufacturing company” that build jet-powered pumps, boats, generators, and…motorcycles. They got a bit of attention when Jay Leno acquired one of their Y2K superbikes – a $175K beast with a Rolls Royce Allison C20 engine that made 420 horsepower and 500 pound feet of torque. They use the …

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2003 Benelli Tornado Tre 900 LE

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Post Listing Update: This Benelli was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. 12-22-2019: Over 5 years later, this bike is now being offered by Bike-urious contributor David N! He acquired it the last time this machine was featured, but he’s only ridden it twice since. “It was restarted and serviced this month from it’s dormancy by Distefano’s Performance …

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Brand New – 2018 Aprilia Tuono Factory

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The Tuono is a brilliant motorcycle – there’s no other way to put it. It’s frequently the winner of “Best Standard” or even “Bike of the Year”, and the Factory edition is even more special. I got the opportunity to sample a Tuono Factory for a cover story in Motorcyclist magazine, and I’ll never forget what it sounded like ripping …

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1979 Kawasaki KZ1000ST

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In 1979, Kawasaki brought two shaft-driven models to the US – the six-cylinder KZ1300 and this somewhat rare variant of the KZ1000, the ST. Similar in many ways to the big bad MkII, the ST had completely different bodywork (such as a larger fuel tank) and even a wildly different wiring system. Only built between 1979-1980, the ST can be …

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1986 Cagiva Aletta Oro S2

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Post Sale Update: This Cagiva sold for the opening bid of $2,000 on eBay in Brooklyn, New York. 12-19-19 Update: Kudos to the seller, who has converted this from what I previously called a “Rare Project” into a runner! These are very rare, which is why I’m impressed that he or she was able to make this Cagiva (VIN: zcgccxax6gv005021) …

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No Reserve – 1971 Honda SL70

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Post Sale Update: This SL70 sold for $2,030 after 25 bids on eBay in Clermont, Florida One of Honda’s many popular small displacement trail bikes of the 70s, the SL70 features a 72cc engine and a four-speed transmission. It was very successful with young riders who were learning how to ride dirt and motocross. It was introduced in 1970 but …

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In Canada – 1975 Moto Guzzi 850T Racer

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Post Listing Update: this Guzzi did not meet reserve despite 55 bids up to $4,168 on eBay in Toronto, Canada. Though it’s currently in Toronto, this Guzzi was imported from America so it can easily go back. It started as a 850T, and now it’s a 1,100cc beauty that evokes the legendary V7 Telaio Rosso.

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2012 Husqvarna Nuda 900R

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Post Sale Update: This Nuda initially did not meet reserve, but the high bidder later met the reserve of $9,000 + 7% buyers fee = $9,630. A week ago or so, I had a “Guess That Bike” about a motorcycle with an interesting front fender, and I shared that it would be coming up on our auction site very soon. …

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1983 Honda CX650 Turbo

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Jeff Pamer: In the eighties I was quite young, and from that perspective I thought the future was going to be amazing. No doom and gloom on the horizon. I could look forward to flying cars, angular designs, headlights that pop out of the hood of cars, small televisions to watch anywhere, and space travel. Technology was in its infancy, …

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16 Miles – 2003 Bultaco Astro 50

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Post Listing Update: This Astro did not meet reserve despite 3 bids up to $2,800 on eBay in Corona, California. UPDATE: I made the mistake of taking the seller at face value on this one when he or she called it a Lobito. This is actually an Astro (who would have thought, considering it says “Astro” on the side). The …

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1 Mile – 2004 Honda Rune

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When it was first released in 2004, the public was a bit stunned – most people did not believe that this concept would actually make it to production. Though all the visual indicators give the impression that this bike is heavily raked and would be a handle to deal with, Honda’s engineers were able to make it quite manageable despite …