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1974 Honda CR250M Elsinore

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Post Listing Update: This Elsinore did not meet reserve despite 13 bids up to $2,600. The Honda CR250M Elsinore is historically significant as it was the first serious dirt bike to come straight from an OEM – other bikes required serious modifications from the factory floor.

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1943 NSU Kettenkrad

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Today is all about off-roaders, and this might be one of the craziest of all. The NSU Kettenkrad (Ketten = tracks, krad = German military abbreviation for motorcycle), was a half-track designed initially as a light tractor for airborne troops. Due to its diminutive size, it was the only ‘gun tractor’ capable of fitting in certain Nazi aircraft. The formal …

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Ending Soon – 1983 Husqvarna WR 430

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The Husqvarna WR 430 is a big, funky enduro that I find visually appealing in a semi “ugly-duckling” sort of way. This specific Husqvarna WR 430 (VIN: W00004656) is offered by the second owner, and it has just received a complete mechanical restoration, while preserving the faded palstics that let you know this bike has been enjoyed. This is the …

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Colossal Failure – 2003 Cannondale X440

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The Cannondale X440 was the swansong of Cannondale motorcycles, a subsidiary of the well-known American bicycling company. In the late 90s, Cannondale tried to move into motorsports, with an off-road bike and an ATV. Long story short, it was a disaster. $80 million later, the company declared bankruptcy, having left behind an interesting story of what happens when you can’t …

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1974.5 Maico 440 GP

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Simply put, the ’74 1/2 Maico 440 GP is one of the most desirable vintage MX bikes ever produced. Today we’ve got an example that’s gone through the catalog from the marque experts at Maico Only, including a brand new reed valve engine built by Eric Cook. You’ll get Ohlins shocks, Sun rims, and Works Wheelsmith forks, along with a …

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Ducati Motocrosser – 1971 Ducati 450 R/T Desmo

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Post-Sale Update: After 17 bids on eBay, this Ducati 450 R/T Desmo sold for $4,280. Not many people know it, but Ducati had a one-year, one-time-only foray into the world of motocross. The Ducati 450 R/T Desmo was created and imported after its American importer convinced them to bring a big thumper dirt racer to the states.

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1973 Cooper 250 Enduro

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At one point in time, Frank Cooper was the US distributor for Maico. He thought he could create a bike that slotted between Japanese and European dirt bikes in price, with the hope that it would handle like a European bike but be reliable like a Japanese bike. Enter the Cooper 250 Enduro, created to give off-roaders the best of …

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1972 Ossa Stiletto

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Post-Sale Update: After 25 bids on eBay, this Ossa Stiletto sold for $2,475. The Ossa Stiletto is a simple 175cc enduro that’s notable for the flowy fiberglass bodywork that looks like it could be one piece. This specific example is in great mechanical shape and some scratches as to be expected of a 40 year-old bike. With several vintage stickers, …

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1 of 400 – 2012.5 KTM 450SXF Dungey Edition

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Post-Sale Update: This KTM 450SXF Dungey Edition was pulled off eBay before the auction ended, final sale price unknown. KTM has been one of the leaders in motocross racing for countless years, particularly in AMA with Ryan Dungey. As part of AMA homologation rules, KTM had to release 400 units of this bike – otherwise Dungey would be disqualified from …