1965 Bultaco Model 11 Metisse Project

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During the 60s, when anything the Rickman brothers touched turned to gold, they built frames for all sorts of companies, including Bultaco. When assembled, they bikes took the name “Metisse”, which is French for ‘mongrel’. For reasons I can’t determine, the Spanish company had a falling out with Rickman, after which they created their own competitor – known as the Bultaco Model 11 Metisse.

Bultaco Model 11 Metisse Project - Rear Right

Here’s a Model 11 Metisse that will need some work. The seller picked it up to create a 250cc tribute to the Steve McQueen Rickman, so he special ordered the gray bodywork you see in the photos. This bike has a Triumph 250cc engine that has compression and turns over, but the seller was planning on rebuilding it. For the mechanically inclined, this bike presents an interesting dilemma: you can either ditched the Triumph engine and bring it back to stock, or keep it as is and try to turn it into an unique enduro. Just keep in mind that more unique doesn’t always translate to better.

Bultaco Model 11 Metisse Project - Engine

This specific Bultaco Model 11 Metisse (VIN: B1100886) enjoys the original nickel-plated chrome frame, and it comes with a 21 inch front wheel, (as well as the original front hub), and an extra cylinder as the current one has some broken fins. You’ll need to source some missing parts, but there’s a small opportunity here for someone to bring a rare bike back to life.

Bultaco Model 11 Metisse Project - Naked Right

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