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Legendary – 1993 BMW R100R Battle of the Legends

In Germany, Race by Abhi2 Comments

In the early 90s, the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) looked to rejuvenate American roadracing, and mixed it up with the introduction of “Sound of Singles” and Battle of Twins” classes. In their attempt to bring in more sponsorship money, they also partnered with BMW to create what would end up being one of their best-known races – the …

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1982 Ducati TT2

In Italy, Race by Abhi1 Comment

Among many other things, Ducati is known worldwide nowadays for its trellis frame and belt-driven camshaft V-Twin engine, both of which owe their formation to the 1980 Pantah. The Pantah also formed the base of one of the greatest motorcycles of the 80s – the Ducati TT2 racer.

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1969 Italjet Vampire 50

In Italy, Race, Small Displacement by Abhi1 Comment

12-1 Update: The seller of this bike is now trying an auction instead of a BIN. Find this Italjet Vampire back on eBay with an opening bid of $3,500. Italjet is a (surprise) Italian manufacturer of small motorcycles founded in 1959 by Leopoldo Tartarini. A pilot by trade, Tartarini ended up completing a 60,000 km trip around the world on …

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Little Racer – 2004 Honda NSR50

In Japan, Race, Small Displacement by AbhiLeave a Comment

Quite possibly the best minibike sold in the United States, the Honda NSR50 was sold here just in 2004. In the world of 50cc sportbikes (like the Yamaha YSR50 and Suzuki GSXR50), the NSR50 was dynamically in a world of its own. Though it’s not street legal like its competition, the Honda was peerless on the racetrack. Because of that, …

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1968 Seeley 7R

In England, Race by Abhi1 Comment

Post-Listing Update: This Seeley 7R Racer was pulled off of eBay, final sales price unknown. Colin Seeley is a former sidecar racer who became famous as a motorcycle designer. Some of his most notable work came right after he retired from sidecar racing competition, where he built frames for racing motorcycles utilizing Matchless and AJS engines. At the time, AJS …

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What a Story – 197x Tony Foale Honda CB750

In England, Japan, Race by Abhi1 Comment

6-28 Update: Year of bike in title changed to reflect Tony’s comment. Post-Listing Update: Unfortunately, this bike only got one bid and did not meet reserve at the opening bid of $10,000. I can’t believe there wasn’t more action on this bike. We love listings like this – a rare bike, an interesting back story, and great pictures. Just sit …

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Featured First – 1965 Bultaco TSS 250

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Post-Sale Update: This Bultaco TSS 250 did not get any bites at $40,000. In 1965, Bultaco created the first 250cc factory production road racer – the Bultaco TSS 250. Just 51 were produced between ’65 and ’66. The Spanish company actually sold this Works racer, also known as the Model 24, directly to their competitor, EMC Motorcycles in England.

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Metrakit Pre-GP 125

In Race, Small Displacement, Spain by AbhiLeave a Comment

Looking for a purpose-built race bike for a young racer-to-be? Look no further than the Metrakit Pre-GP 125. Metrakit, a Spanish company that unfortunately went bankrupt (but still has a large presence in Australia), was well known for creating a series of tiny roadracers that were quite dominant in 50-80cc mini GP races across the world. In the mid 2000s, …

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1 of 500 – 1999 Yamaha R7 OWO2

In Japan, Race by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post-Sale Update: After 6 bids on eBay, this Yamaha R7 OWO2 sold for $22,200. I’m still drooling. We’ve been on a little Yamaha homologation special this week, and it ends with what might just be the most beautiful road bike to ever come from Japan, the Yamaha R7, also known as the OWO2. Right from the factory floor, it was …

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34th Annual Hansen Dam All British Ride

In 3 Wheels, Cruiser, England, Off-Road, Race, Small Displacement, Sport, Standard, Touring, Vintage by Abhi2 Comments

Every year, the Southern California Norton Owner’s Club hosts a wonderful get together at Hansen Dam. The combined show and ride features decades of classic British iron – and you’re bound to see great bikes from other marques, new and old. We got an invite from a local BMW mechanic friend and couldn’t say no. As you’ve come to expect …

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Dustbin Works Racer – 1953 NSU Sportmax

In Germany, Race by Abhi1 Comment

Post-Sale Update: After 26 bids on eBay, this NSU Sportmax sold for $54,100. In the 1950s, NSU was the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer. Possibly the pinnacle of their production was the NSU Sportmax Works Racer, which enable to the company to win the Constructor’s World Championship twice in the 250cc class. The factory race bikes were incredibly expensive, but also …

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Italian Spec Racer – 1980 Aspes Yuma

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Post-Listing Update: Unfortunately, this Aspes Yuma did not attract any bidding at the $9,900 opening price. Aspes was a small Italian manufacturer that produced bikes from ’61-’82, though they were recently brought back to life in 2008. As they never imported bikes to the US, very few Americans have even heard of the firm, let alone seen their lovely creations. …

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1968 Cheney Triumph 500

In England, Off-Road, Race by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post-Sale Update: After being relisted, this Cheney Triumph 500 sold for $6,500 on eBay. One of the most challenging races in any discipline was the International Six Days Trial (ISDT – now known as the ISDE). An annual test of rider, machine, and durability, the ISDT is also known as the “Olympics of Motorcycling.” In 1968, ISDT changed up the …

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1913 Rex Brooklands

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Post-Listing Update: After 31 bids, this Rex Brooklands did not meet reserve at $22,322 on eBay. Rex was a British motorcycle company founded in 1900. It survived 2 mergers and 33 years of existence before closing up shop, and in its prime was considered one of the best marques in British motorcycling. One of their partnerships was with JA Prestwich …

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Bring It Back Home – Harley-Davidson VR1000

In America, Race by Abhi2 Comments

Full Disclosure – this bike is currently in Australia. We’re hoping someone will bring it back to the states. Back in 1988, Harley decided to try their hand at knocking off Ducati from their perch atop AMA Superbike. Unfortunately, what would have been top notch technology when the bike was supposed to have been released (in 1991) was well behind …