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1950 Moto Guzzi Astorino

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The Moto Guzzi Astorino is a rare find in its home country of Italy, let alone here in the US. A sibling of sorts to the better-known Airone, both bikes feature 250cc 4-stroke singles with the iconic “bacon slicer” external flywheel. The Astorino has a few small differences, including hydraulic rear shocks.

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Giveaway For A Vet – 2013 Honda NC700X

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A generous donor is offering up his Honda NC700X (notable for its DCT transmission which removes the need for a clutch lever and shift pedal) – but only to “honorably discharged US Veterans that have lost their left leg or left foot, who still have the desire to ride motorcycles – either as a new rider or as a returning …

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1971 Honda CB500

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Post Sale Update: This CB500 sold for $3,575 after 2 bids on eBay. If you push the starter button on your bike today and it roars to life without protest, then you have Honda and their CB line to thank. Greatly increased reliability along with the tagline, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda,” skyrocketed motorcycling into the hobby …

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1966 Bridgestone Hurricane

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Post Sale Update: this Hurricane sold for $3,300 after 8 bids on eBay One of the many high quality (and somewhat pricey) small displacement bikes from a company we now only associate with tires, the Bridgestone Hurricane 175 was a scrambler variant of their baby sportbike “Dual Twin”.

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Motorcycle From A Supercar Manufacturer – 1956 Maserati Tipo 125/T2

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Post Sale Update: This Maserati sold for $4,559 after 21 bids on eBay. Originally founded in 1914 by five brothers (Carlo, Ettore, Alfieri, Bindo, and Ernesto) in Italy, Maserati was purchased by Adolfo Orsi in 1937. After Orsi’s death in the early ’50s, the business was divided into three different outfits: a foundry known as “Fonder di Modena”, “Fabric Candele …

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Never Started – 1970 Indian Velo 500

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In 1967, the former West Coast distributor of Indian Motorcycles (Floyd Clymer) bought the rights to the company’s name and tried to bring it back. He initially tried to partner with some German companies to create the new Indian’ but that never got past prototypes. It wasn’t until he partnered with Velocette that he was able to release the Indian …

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1995 BMW R100R Mystic

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Available only in 1994 and 1995 in the US, the Mystic was a factory retro based on the BMW R100R. In a 1992 review, Bike magazine called it the best boxer. To make the R100R, BMW went with some old-school peanut valve covers and paired them with 40mm Bing carbs and their first usage of Japanese suspension. In many ways, …

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Hans Muth – 1982 BMW R65LS

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Post Listing Update: The seller raised the opening bid to $4,850, and this bike got no interest. During the 70s, BMW’s most important mission was to develop alternative machines to the big 4-cylinders released by the Japanese makers. Nonetheless, the German brand also competed in the middle-size market, releasing in 1978 the 650cc R65. By 1983, one of BMW motorcycle’s …

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1963 Norton Electra

In England, Less than 5k, Standard by Ted CloughLeave a Comment

In the late 50’s and early 60’s, Norton produced a couple of smaller displacement bikes in the hopes of appealing to starting riders. They had the 250cc Jubilee and the 350cc Navigator, both of which were 4 stroke vertical twins. In 1963, at the request of the US importer Joe Berliner, they bumped the size of the Jubilee up to …

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Rare Project – 1957 Moto Guzzi Super Alce

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Post Sale Update: This Guzzi was bought by Bike-urious reader and contributor Ray S for approximately $9,300! The Italians, when it comes to cars, bikes, food, and fashion, have always been known for passion. When you think of famous Italian brands, you think of Ferrari, Gucci, and in our case, Ducati and Moto Guzzi. What they’re generally not known for …