1993 Honda EZ-Snow

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Post Listing Update: This EZ-Snow did not get any interest at the opening bid of $10,000.

I’ve been waiting years to share one of these with you. This is a EZ-Snow, one of the coolest variants of Honda’s ubiquitous Super Cub. The US got a two-wheeled version of this generation called the Cub EZ90, though it was called the EZ-9 in Japan. This is where it gets very interesting: there’s also a version that replaced the wheels with a steerable ski in the front and a rubber caterpillar track in the back. Depending on who you listen to, either none were officially built, Honda created some kits, or Honda made about 250-300 examples that were only sold in Japan.

No matter which story is true, one fact is that the snow bike was never officially offered in the US, and they’re very difficult to find here.

The base bike was designed to make motorcycling more user-friendly, which is why all of the mechanicals were hidden inside futuristic plastic bodywork. It was equipped with both kick and electric starts, as well as an automatic transmission that requires no clutch. A little storage cubby in the front of the bike (where the “Cub” logo is) added some functionality, while tricks like making the swingarm the rear suspension helped save weight.

The seller of this example (RMD Motors) claims that this is “one of the first five built for the 1993 model year” and that Honda made 120 bikes in 1992 and 150 in 1993. They also state that this is a factory-built bike, not a kit, and that they “checked with Honda Japan to confirm this” though no sort of proof is provided in the listing. Either way, this is in decent example and the only issues seem to be with the non-snow-specific parts: you’ll need to clean the carb and there’s a small crack under the seat in the left plastic. The sale includes the tool kit but the owner’s manual is missing. There’s also no title. This is a hefty asking price, but it’s a very rare opportunity for a Honda collector to add something special.

It’s worth going to the listing just to see several detailed photos that are hard to find otherwise. Find this EZ-Snow for sale in Santa Ana, California with an unmet opening bid of $10,000

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