1991 Honda Cub EZ 90

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The Honda EZ 90 Cub was produced from 1991 until 1996. Designed for off-road use only, lots of Cubs were used as pit bikes (even by Honda’s ChampCar and IRL teams) as well as runabouts strapped on the back of RVs and campers.

Honda EZ 90 Cub - Left Side

Designed to make motorcycles more user-friendly, the Honda EZ 90 Cub hid all of its mechanicals inside futuristic plastic bodywork. In addition to the kick start, you also even got a magic button. The automatic transmission requires no clutch, and the 2-stroke 90cc engine made this scoot peppier than you might expect. A little storage cubby in the front of the bike (where the “Cub” logo is) added some functionality, while tricks like making the swingarm the rear suspension helped save weight.

But the best part about this bike might be something that never made it to the US. Honda demo’d a snow-bike version (dubbed the EZ-Snow). The wheels were replaced with a steerable ski in the front and a rubber caterpillar track in the back. Depending on who you listen to, either none were officially built, some kits (branded EZ-9) were made, or Honda made about 250-300 examples that were only sold in Japan. Get more information (and a cool photo) on the EZ-Snow here on Rideapart.

Honda EZ 90 Cub - Mechanicals

This specific Honda EZ 90 Cub looks to be in great shape, as evidenced by the picture. Though it sat for 5 years, this bike has been recently serviced and is now ready to go. It has a new starter, and the carb and fuel filter were cleaned, and you’ll get a new spark plug and battery.

Honda EZ 90 Cub - Right Side

Find this Honda EZ90 for sale here on Craigslist for $1,900 in Wauconda, Illinois. This bike-uriosity brought to you by Zack B!