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1950 Jawa Perak 350

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Post Listing Update: This Perak was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. Also known as the Model 11, the Jawa Perak 250 was developed in secret during WWII when Nazi Germany had occupied the Czech Republic. Jawa predicted that when the war was over, its competition would only be able to offer gussied-up versions of pre-war bikes, and …

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Swiss Army Bike – 1974 Condor A350

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How often is a great product held back by a single component? Car makers, musicians, and companies throughout history sometimes could have made something great if they had outsourced one piece of their product. An amazing guitar player sometimes can’t write a great song to save their life, but if they play someone else’s great song, they might have a …

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Italian Two-Stroke – 1957 Moto Guazzoni

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Founded in Milan in 1935 by one Aldo Guazzoni, a seasoned mechanic, engineer, and motorcycle dealer, Moto Guazzoni was a moped, trike, and motorcycle manufacturer operating into the late 1970s. The company first got its start making mopeds, but eventually pivoted to producing utility three-wheelers (think Italian H-D Servicar)—churning out utilitarian trikes similar to MV Agusta’s Motocarro and Moto Guzzi’s …

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2017 Honda CB1100 EX

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Is it possible to enjoy a magic show even if you know how the magician is doing all the tricks? I’d argue yes, but they’d better be one hell of a performer. I know what the bike companies are doing with the retro modern bikes. It’s a trick. Pulling at our nostalgic heartstrings with every dual rear shock, spoked wheel, …

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Restored – 1970 Triumph Tiger TR6R

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Post Listing Update: This Tiger did not meet reserve despite 23 bids up to $10,117.76 on eBay. 1970 was the last year before Triumph went with the Oil-In-Frame design, and the single-carb’d 650 twin was available in 4 options: TR6, TR6C (Competition), TR6P (Police), and this TR6R roadster.

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1996 Aprilia Moto 6.5

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Phillipe Starck is a well-known French product designer and motorcycle enthusiast. In the mid 90’s, he combined those two facets to design the Aprilia Moto 6.5, an in-town runabout that oozes style – but is it the kind of style you like? They are rare finds as they were never imported to the US, which normally translates to high asking …

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1977 Benelli Phantom 2C Elettronica

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Post Sale Update: This Phantom sold for $2,750 after 1 bid on eBay. A twin of Moto Guzzi’s 250TS, the Benelli Phantom 2C couldn’t compete with bikes like the Yamaha RD in outright feats of speed, but it countered with Italian style and quality components: Borrani rims, Marzocchi forks, Veglia instrumentation, and twin Dell’orto carbs. They’re rare finds, and this …

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Restored Model 13 – 1964 Bultaco Mercurio

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Post Listing Update: This Mercurio again did not meet reserve, this time despite 16 bids up to $3,601 on eBay. 4-7-19 Update: Almost a year later, this Mercurio is back up for sale. Nothing seems to have changed since bidding stalled out at $3,733 last time, but here’s your chance if you missed it in June. Find this Bultaco for …

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1976 Honda CB750K

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Post Listing Update: This CB did not meet reserve despite 36 bids up to $6,050 on eBay. The Honda CB750 was successful in ways that the brand could have only dreamed of. Four cylinders have long been known for pushing the boundaries of affordable performance, but that legacy began with the CB750. Its solid platform has remained relevant even today. …

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2004 BMW R1150R Rockster

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BMW announced the Rockster prototype in 2002 with asymmetrical headlights and an attention grabbing paint scheme. Despite being a parts bin bike, it caused enough of a stir to go into production. Though heavily based on the standard R1150R, the Rockster was the first boxer engine to have twin spark cylinder heads that later became standard fare. Other differences from …