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2015 Motus MST-R

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Post Listing Update: This MST-R did not meet reserve despite 16 bids up to $15,100. Depending on who you ask, the Motus story is inspirational, depressing, or possibly a combination of both. While the company recently went out of business, you can still enjoy the insanity of the “Baby Block” motor in a package that requires your brain and your …

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2001 Aprilia Futura RST1000

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For many, the Aprilia Futura was poorly named – the angular design felt more “80s anime” than “bike of the future”. Still, it was a sport-tourer with an emphasis on sport, and it was powered by a motor based on the unit found in Aprilia’s repli-racer RSV Mille. Combine that with a comfortable seat and factory hard bags and you …

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Fully Faired Fazer – 1986 Yamaha FZX700

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Also known as the Baby V-Max, the Yamaha Fazer FZX700 was quite a revelation when it was released – the styling was distinctive and it was quicker than riders expected. No one complained about the speed, though not everyone loved the looks, and the bike didn’t sell tremendously well. Thanks to a large fairing, the styling of this example is …

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1928 BMW R52

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Designed to be a tourer, the BMW R52 featured a 486cc boxer twin that generated 12 horsepower. The three-speed transmission had just been redesigned for this model, during a time frame when BMW was constantly making changes. Due to this, BMW switched to pressed-steel frames by the end of 1929, meaning the rare R52 was produced for just two years.

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2007 Honda VFR800 Anniversary Edition

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Honda engineers started down the path to produce a V4 motorcycle engine in 1978 to compete against two stoke race bikes of the time. Soichiro Honda didn’t like two stroke engines and didn’t want to race them. He was passionate about maximizing 4-stroke technology. He wanted a 4 stroke that could compete. The engineers eventually produced the NR500 race bike. …

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2007 Yamaha FJR1300

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Why do we like some brands more than others? I feel like I’m an equal opportunity gearhead: I’d happily ride a Ducati, or a Triumph for example. They’re both great manufacturers that do different things extremely well. But if you made me choose, I think I’d pick a Triumph. Why? I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I’ve owned …

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1983 Yamaha Midnight Virago 920

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In 1983, Yamaha offered a “Midnight Virago” that featured a black paint scheme with gold accents. They also offered a rare color-matched factory touring package with a fairing, saddlebags, and trunk for even more Midnight goodness – though this example seems to only have the fairing as well as a giant aftermarket backrest for the passenger.

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1977 BMW R100RS

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Post Listing Update: This R100RS did not meet reserve despite 16 bids up to $7,200 on eBay. Bikes built in the first model year of BMW’s R100RS were also known as the “RS77”, and they’re worth distinguishing due to year-specific features like silver/blue paint, blue anodized ATE calipers, and blue pinstriping.

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New In Canada – 1982 Honda CBX

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Post Sale Update: This CBX sold for $19,999 on eBay. In 1966, Soichiro Honda gave his first shot at creating a usable, reliable and fast 6-cylinder motorcycle with the RC166, a 249cc 6-cylinder bike made for racing. But the first production 6-cylinder bike was made by Benelli with the Sei 750 in 1972. By 1979, Honda followed that path and …