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1932 Raleigh MH32

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Post Listing Update: This MH32 did not meet reserve with 1 bid up to $20,000 on eBay. According to the seller, this is the only Raleigh MH32 in the US. It was restored by Revival Cycles over 6 years at a claimed cost of over $36,000. Afterwards, the bike was shown at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show and the Harvest Classic.

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1939 DKW Diamant

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Post Listing Update: This vintage DKW did not get any interest at the asking price of $2,950. In Sweden, the most popular early motorcycle was the DKW-powered Diamant. This example was originally built and sold in 1939 but due to World War II it wasn’t registered until 1946. Over 70 years later, it’s still running and rocking the original paint …

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Inclined Depression-Era Brit – 1931 Triumph WO

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1931 was a pretty significant year for the British motorcycle history. Ariel debuted its legendary Square Four (designed by Edward Turner), Britain issued its first Highway Code laws, and it was an even bigger year for Triumph who introduced an array of new offerings that brought the number of total models offered in the 1931 motorcycle range up to ten. …

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Early American – 1911 Yale Single

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Post Listing Update: This Yale did not meet reserve despite 48 bids up to $25,368.13 (BIN was $36,500). 10-12-17 Update: This bike did not sell on Craigslist so now it’s up on eBay and we can see what the market thinks of it. Bidding is currently up to $24,100 with the reserve not yet met here on eBay. 10-12-17 Bonus …

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Original Paint – 1913 Flying Merkel

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Post Listing Update: Despite a hefty 128 bids up to $89,999, this Flying Merkel did not meet reserve. Built between 1911 and 1915, the Flying Merkel is one of the most iconic American motorcycles of all time. The brand actually started back in 1902 as a bicycle builder, but a year later the founder (Joseph Merkel) started slapping single-cylinder motors …

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Keystone Framed Factory Hillclimber – 1923 Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam

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Hillclimbers are some of the most interesting historically significant motorcycles out there. As high-dollar auctions like Bonham’s and Mecum have demonstrated, the right hillclimber in good condition can be worth a literal fortune. One of my favorites is the 1928 Excelsior Big Bertha Hillclimber that sold at a Vegas Mecum auction earlier this year for $117,500. This 1923 H-D Twin-Cam …

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In Belgium – 1913 Indian Board Track Racer

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Board Track racers are fascinating machines for a myriad of reasons. For starters they’re pretty much uniquely American – which is an increasingly rare feat in the two-wheeled racing world – they possess an undeniable historical significance and they flat out exude an old-school cool and simplicity to them. This beautiful four-valve (two for each of its two cylinders) Factory …

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1924 Indian Scout

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Indian introduced the Scout in 1920 and the run continued until WWII. It would be one of Indian’s best selling models of all time and some consider the second generation Scout (1928-31) the best motorcycle made by Indian. The first generation Scout was somewhat underpowered but by the second generation the motor and handling had improved which led to legendary …

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1916 Indian Powerplus with Side Car

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The Indian Power Plus was a successful roadster and canvas for racing bikes, especially with Erwin “Cannonball” Baker (after whom the Cannonball Run was named after). Hemmings called this “the engine that changed American motorcycling.” Today we’ve got an example that forgoes the racing pedigree for the utility of a sidecar.

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1920 Excelsior Series 20

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Excelsior introduced its first motorcycle in 1905 after starting in the bicycle business. In 1910 Excelsior introduced their first V-Twin and by 1911 the company had been bought by Ignaz Schwinn of the bicycle firm that bore his name. 1915 saw the introduction of the ‘Big X’ V-Twin, a 61 CID power plant that would carry on to 1925. The …

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1 of 1 – 1913 Harley-Davidson Forecar

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How much would the last of something be worth? In a world that is dominated by scarcity, real or imagined, what is the value of ‘the only one known to exist’? This Harley Davidson Forecar is the only one, and it’s for sale. The Forecar was introduced in 1913 in response to a perceived need for delivery vehicles in the …