1938 DKW Diamant

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Post Listing Update: This Diamant did not meet reserve with just 2 bids up to $1,500.

In Sweden, one of the most popular early motorcycles was the DKW-powered Diamant. Per the seller, the Diamant was “sold for about 400kr ($50), which represented about 2 months of salary for an industrial worker.

That affordability was key for Swedish citizens looking for cheap transportation after the Great Depression. In essence, this is a Diamant bicycle with a DKW engine that was built by a company called Göransson Motor AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. This features a 3-speed transmission paired to a 98cc two-stroke motor, good for a claimed top speed of 45 miles per hour.

This example (VIN: 711788) was restored 5 years ago and is currently ready to be ridden or displayed. The seller claims that everything works and the sale will include a copy of the original registration – note that there’s no title, just a bill of sale. The period-correct saddlebag can be included for another $400. Find this Diamant for sale in Carmel, Indiana with an unmet opening bid of $1,500 or a BIN of $5,975

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