Severe Cycles Build – Harley-Powered Board Tracker Tribute

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I love customs that are built with a spare-no-expense type approach, and this Harley board tracker build is an awesome example of such. Built by Florida-based bagger and chopper specialist Severe Cycles Inc, this professional-grade build blends high-end, modern V-twin technology with visual themes from nearly a century ago.

At the heart of this build is a 2006 Harley-Davidson 106ci twin cam case housing S&S internals, barrels, and heads. The throttle body is also an S&S unit too. A 2007 Delphi wide band fuel injection ECM was sourced, along with the wiring harness off a 2006 FLH, and a BDL Bagger drive belt. Married to the robust V-twin is a Baker direct drive six-speed transmission. The engine on this example was reportedly dyno-tuned as well.

Surrounding the custom powertrain is a hard-tailed, custom board track chassis from U.S. Chopper. Up front, there’s a girder unit with front lead spring copper springer from Paugho. The entire build rests upon a set of 23-inch DNA rims wrapped in Shinko rubber. A Sportster fuel pump has been hidden inside what looks like a vintage oil tank, keeping in line with the period aesthetic. Furthering said aesthetic is a one-off split unit tank (one side oil, one side fuel) and dual-sprung leather saddle. The speedo is an analog unit (with digital odo) borrowed from a Sportster, set in a housing with built in idiot-lights and positioned on the left side of the fuel-cell. While the bike does have an electric starter, it has been dressed up via a vintage starter button on the handlebars.

The paint on this bike is pretty noteworthy too. Starting with a deep gloss black coat, hand-laid pinstripping was applied along with genuine gold leaf lettering. The frame was powder-coated, while the front-end, saddle-springs, and several other parts were copper-plated and polished. Another nifty little touch is the build’s fuel and oil lines, all of which consist of custom shaped copper tubing.

The irony in slapping a massive contemporary Harley engine into what is supposed to be a featherweight board tracker isn’t lost on me, however I can’t help but admire this build. This example is said to have a clean title, albeit of the ASPT variety (basically meaning this is registered as having been assembled from parts). The price tag on this one may at first appear to be on the steeper side, (largely because it is…) however the seller claims more than $65K went into bringing this project to life, which if true, makes the price more understandable.

You can find this custom Harley-Davidson board track racer build for sale here on Craigslist in Stuart, Florida with a price of $33,000.