Contest Intermission – Show Me Your Best Sticker Collection!

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Reader Jack C. sent me a picture of his fridge door, and he’s throwing down a fun gauntlet! I’m sure many of you have accumulated motorcycle sticker collections over the years on your workbenches, fridges, walls, whatever it might be. Come show them off, and I’ll send a Bike-urious t-shirt (plus a sticker, obviously) to the best one!

Jack’s got a great history in motorcycling, including being part of the Yamaha pit crew when they came to the U.S. for the Catalina races in 1958. His message:

Sometime back you showed a fridge door. I am sending a photo of my 1967 door, which is hanging on a wall of my shop, with decals from the ’50s into the ’70s. I rode most of the events and had most of the bikes. All the decals have a story.”

I suspect he was referring to a photo from my Costa Rica trip report where I put a Bike-urious sticker on the fridge at Elephant Moto.

My growing sticker collection travels with me – it’s on my laptop:

Where’s yours? Leave a comment with a photo below to enter!