Custom Street Tracker – 2003 Harley-Davidson 883R

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Despite the genre’s moniker being objectively oxymoronic, “Street Tracker” builds have become increasingly popular in recent years, with most custom-moto sites now giving the genre its own section alongside cafe racers and bobbers. With this rise in popularity we’ve seen an increasing number of amateur tracker builds, some being far more impressive than others. To get it right you really have to go all out, and while this H-D build could have been given an upside-down fork, a new exhaust, and a few other minor mods, it’s ultimately still a very thorough and well put together Tracker.

This machine started its life as a 2003 Harley-Davidson 883R before it was cosmetically stripped down to the frame and engine. The chassis was snipped just past where the rear suspenders attaches, and a new fiberglass tail-section was dropped into place before it was capped with a custom leather and suede saddle. A thin horizontal LED strip tucked underneath the new fiberglass tail serves as the tail/brake light and has integrated signals, keeping the rear end super clean. Of course a relocated license-plate also aided in this.

The rear shocks were replaced with Progressive 444 Rears while Progressive fork springs were added up front. The front end of this build was kept as tidy as the rear-section with the speedometer being relocated to the left side of the bike just below the gas tank, and a set of Biltwell Moto bars – wrapped in new grips – further this build’s Tracker appearance. A custom made front number-plate completes the Tracker aesthetic and does a superb job of hiding an LED headlight and front indicators, only visible when on. The stock oil-tank was also cleverly painted to resemble a side number-plate, a trick I’ve seen a lot in the past but have yet to stop enjoying. Because this is a road-goer, a single round mirror was subtly mounted just under the handlebars on the left side of the bike too.

This 883 Tracker now inhales via an oversized K&N open air-filter that slightly protrudes from the right side of the bike, and the American V-twin exhales through a Screaming Eagle exhaust. This 883R also boasts a Screaming Eagle ignition system. Additionally, a set of Joker Machine CNC foot-pegs were also added to better match the new rear-sets. I do kinda despise the tape wrapped around the exhaust, but luckily that’s a pretty easy fix. There are also several minor components and upgrades that I noticed that the seller failed to mention in the ad such as new levers, so I imagine there very well may be some other minor doodads on this custom’s parts-list that are left out of the ad.

Lastly the paint job on this bike looks great. It’s simple, clean, and definitely has a race-oriented feel to it. This is helped along by the #7’s adorning the front and “side” number-plates. This bike could definitely be further customized to be an even cooler Tracker build, but the vast majority of the heavy-lifting has already been done, and done pretty damn well too from the looks of it. The idea of this build was clearly to create a fun daily ride with a cool Tracker look – not a bonafide dirt oval racer – and it’s hard to say this machine’s builder didn’t nail it in that regard. The sale of this H-D Tracker – which has about 16,000-miles on its odo – also includes a handful of unspecified stock parts too.

You can find this 2003 Harley-Davidson 883R Flat Tracker build for sale here on Craigslist in Orange County, California with a price of $7,990.

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