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10-4-2016 Update: EagleRider has just let me know that they are lowering the price of Club EagleRider to a $29 initiation fee and then $29/month. Of course, that ignores the special offer you get for being a Bike-urious reader as detailed below…

When I mentioned that you’ll start seeing some more advertising on this site, I promised that I would explain why I chose certain partners. You’re about to start seeing some ads from EagleRider, so here’s why I think you’ll get some use out of them!

Over the last couple of years, you may have noticed some references to EagleRider on this site. It started back when I was in grad school and I learned a fellow student worked at EagleRider. He explained to me that they rent more than just Harleys. Then they introduced Club EagleRider, a membership program that gives you access to their bikes all around the country. I signed up for it nearly a year ago, and I’ve used the membership several times in the past for myself and for this site, including renting an Indian Chieftain to ride up to San Francisco, renting a Triumph Bonneville so we could compare it to the Honda CB1100, and even renting a Honda Gold Wing to act as a support/camera vehicle for when Nathan and I did the 1,000 mile/24 hour ride a couple of weekends ago with the Ducati xDiavel S:

Goldwing Iron Butt

As a reminder, a Club EagleRider membership allows you to use their motorcycles at a variety of locations nationwide. There’s a few reasons why this might be interesting for you: you only ride a few times a year and the cost of maintenance/storage/insurance isn’t worth it, you want to get an extended test ride on something before you buy it, or maybe you want to take a long road trip but your regular bike is too uncomfortable. Personally, my favorite part is that I’m able to get on a bike when I happen to be in a different city far from home. For example, in October I’m planning to head out to Albuquerque to check out the International Balloon Fiesta, and I’ll actually be able to ride when I’m out there instead of having to rent a car thanks to this program. So, that’s the idea in a nutshell – I use this program myself and I really enjoy it, and I hope you can too. The best part? EagleRider is offering Bike-urious readers a special rate!

Normally, there’s an $29 initiation fee and then a $29/month fee for access to Club EagleRider. Because you put up with me on a daily basis, EagleRider is willing to waive the initiation fee AND give you an extra free rental day from the first month if you sign up through this link. Please note: right now it appears that the signup page shows that you’ll be billed, but as long as you have BIKE in the referral code field (it should auto-populate), the charge will go away. Sorry, I know it’s confusing, and they’re working on it:
Club Eaglerider Mistake Price
EagleRider - GS

If you want more information on the program, check out this earlier post. Otherwise, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns – I hope you find this worth your time!


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