Don Vesco-Bodied – 1982 BMW R65 w/ Rabid Transit Fairing

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Don Vesco was a prolific name in the motorcycling world for several decades. On top of being a (US) Grand Prix winner, drag, and dirt-track Racer, he set well over a dozen landspeed records and ran a successful California-based motorcycle dealership. Vesco also famously sold a bevy or moto parts and accessories under the Don Vesco Products banner.

Not unlike Craig Vetter, Vesco was renowned for his slippery, low drag coefficient-enabling bodywork. The California native produced fairings, fenders, belly-pans and tail-sections for a myriad of makes and models, including both track-oriented pieces as well as touring-focused bodywork. Though Vesco sadly succumbed to cancer in December of 2002 — not before being inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame — his bodywork is still available today through a number of outfits (like AirTech Streamlining) who have Vesco’s molds.

This particular Vesco-bodied example is a 1982 BMW R65 and wears Don’s popular Rabid Transit fairing, as well as a set of Krauser hard luggage. According to the seller, the bike’s front-end was recently rebuilt with Progressive springs and fresh steering bearings by a Texas BMW dealership, who also added fresh fluids throughout and performed a basic tune up. The seller does point out that the carbs could use some fine tuning, but the R65 is otherwise said to be in solid condition. There are some very minor scuffs on the left side of the fairing, but the example’s price seemingly reflects this.

You can find this Vesco-faired 1982 BMW R65 for sale here on Craigslist in McKinney, Texas with a price of $3,500.

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