Dutch Police – 1952 Sparta NL250

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Post Listing Update: This Sparta did not meet reserve with 20 bids up to $1,136.

Sparta was a Dutch company that started as a bicycle manufacturer called Verbeek & Schakel. They started building motorcycles in ’31 with Sachs motors, and they would go on to use Villiers, JLO, and Victoria motors, including the 9 horsepower Victoria two-stroke engine in this ex-police bike.

Sparta was reasonably successful with exports, selling to over 10 foreign markets. At their best, Sparta sold about 20,000 bikes a year. Per a Sparta-dedicated website, the company was able to create a NL250 in 18 minutes. The 247cc motor produced 14 horsepower at 5,200 rpm, and the bike weighed about 325 pounds.

Confusingly the seller of this example (VIN: N30540) says it’s a Swedish police bike but in Sweden these bikes were sold under the “Svecia” brand name and a quick translation of the “Rijkspolitie” on the pedestrian slicer suggests that it’s Dutch police. Still, it’s said to have all travel documents, and the original service manual.

Find this Police Sparta for sale in Appleton, Wisconsin with an unmet opening bid of 99 cents and a BIN of $15,000

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