Ending Soon – 1998 Ducati 900SS Final Edition

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Post Listing Update: This Final Edition did not meet reserve despite 31 bids up to $6,450.

The Ducati Supersport is back, but nearly two decades ago the iconic air-cooled SS line came to a halt with a one-year run of 800 bikes. Ducati called it the FE, for Final Edition. All of the bikes got silver paint as well as a couple of treats like an Ohlins rear shock and 41mm FCR carbs. 300 of the 800 examples were sold in the US – here’s #297.

Ducati started with the Superlight variant of the SS, and then in addition to the silver paint, added a whole bunch of carbon: mudguard, chain guard, rear fender, countershaft drive cover, and dashboard cover. In addition, they raised the pipes for more cornering clearance, gave it new cast iron floating rotors, and some new parts (voltage regulator and alternator) were added, too. Some riders believe this is the best of the 900SS breed simply because it was the latest, and Ducati had sorted out any niggles by the end. As a 1998 review from Motorcyclist noted – it wasn’t the fastest sport bike around, but they didn’t care:“Call it irrational. Call it delusional, but beware. Any nonlinear-thinking, creative-type human mind is susceptible to the desmo’s aural brainwashing. Flaws become character. Freeways and constipated surface streets submerge beneath the Ducati’s sporting dignity, and all that matters is tracing as many gnarly little lines on the map as the weekend will allow.”

This example has 19,500 miles and it’s said to be in excellent condition. Extras include FCR 41mm carbs, Termignoni exhaust, a new Corbin seat, and an Ohlins rear shock. The sale includes the stock seat, spare key, and service records. Find this Final Edition Ducati for sale in Kimberly, Wisconsin with bidding up to $6,450 and the reserve not yet met

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