In England – 1927 Brough Superior 680

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In 1927, George Brough though he needed to offer a motorcycle at a lower price point, so he started selling the 680, which was named after the 680cc JAP overhead valve V-Twin engine. Nowadays these bikes still command less than the SS80 or SS100, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find one for cheap – this example is on offer for almost $180,000!

Brough Superior 680 - Engine

The 680 was introduced at the Olympia Motorcycle Show in 1926, and Brough himself called a “Miniature SS100.” Thanks to the lower price, the 680 was the second best selling model in Brough history, though that’s a relative term with this marque considering just 547 were sold (according to the Brough Superior Club). This is one of the 144 examples produced in 1927, and according to the seller, just 127 of the total production run are known to have survived.

Brough Superior 680 - Gauges

This specific 680 was built on December 30th, 1927 and it was restored in 1999. During the restoration, the engine was modified and it got the cases from another ’27 680, though the original cases are included if you absolutely need your expensive classic to be numbers-matching. The bike has “been well-maintained” but it’s been part of an exhibit at the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum since 2011.

Find this Brough for sale in Kent, United Kingdom for a healthy $176,961 here at Godin Sporting Cars and Motorcycles.

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