Event Recap – 2019 VMA Destination Eustis Motorcycle Show

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Fresh off his report from this weekend’s AMCA Sunshine meet, David N’s also got a recap of his time at the combined VMA/VJMC show in Eustis:

Greetings from the VMA Destination Eustis Motorcycle Show and VJMC Spring National Meet, held annually just before Bikeweek. I used to term this the VJMC Eustis show, but that was wrong. The swap meet is not run by the VJMC, but the VJMC does hold its Spring show here.

A seller from Jacksonville was asking $1,500 for this Hodaka dealership panel.

The swap meet is actually run by the Vintage Motorcycle Alliance, which kept the swap meet alive after the AMCA contingency parted to New Smyrna. It’s not specifically Japanese.

This elusive Honda 450 Black Bomber in the flea area was not for sale.

Doggie luggage rack anyone?

The VJMC piggy backs the VMA with its own National meet, so it’s truly a win-win. Yet, you don’t need to be a VMA member to purchase a swap meet space.

A trailer full of roughies. There were plenty more roughies throughout the meet.

The VJMC show portion went on just the same as any year, but if the swap meet had a theme, it was “one man’s trash . . . is another man’s treasure.” There was some good stuff, but also a lot of junk!

The VMA/VJMC event drew this gaggle of Geeze in attendance.

Your choice of CZ: one at New Smyrna and a second one here. This seller wanted $4,800.

There were plenty of rolling rough bikes, too rough to restore. I wondered if they were leftovers from Earl’s sale.

A 1930 HD VL, Harley’s first flat head, on a truck. These early flatheads weren’t too good.

That said, there’s still plenty of reason to come. One vendor had a table of Harley-Davidson JD unobtanium cylinders, even a set of matching engine cases! That’s something one would not have expected here!

A Rickman BSA is much more obscure than its Triumph cousin. This one sported a Firebird engine. The seller wanted $4,500

Just a portion of JD parts offered for sale in Eustis.

Past practice had the show running the full weekend, but for some reason, the days changed this time around. This year’s meet was advertised for Friday and Saturday. There was no show date on Sunday, which put it direct competition with the AMCA, and that hurt both shows.

This early V7 was at first sold for $3,000, then the seller changed his mind. So, it went unsold.

I enjoyed both shows in past years as each show has their own niche. The AMCA was more for antique motorcycles and Eustis for modern vintage bikes but each had a good mix. That’s now all out the door. The shows overlap.

A Norton Atlas chassis with Roadholder folks is not a bad project.

It’s now tough to attend or participate in both shows. It’s almost one or the other. I wish it wasn’t.

I’d rather not be forced to choose just one, there is too much to miss at each. Maybe next year they’ll go back to the weekend formula…here’s hoping.

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