Fact or Fiction – 1972 Yamaha GS650

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11-30-2017 Update – 3 years later, commenter “Say what???” notes that this bike is back up for sale with a significant discount down to $8,500 from $15,000. If that price makes more sense to you, find this GS650 for sale here on Cycle Trader, still in Midlothian, Virginia.

Here’s an interesting footnote in Yamaha’s history – the question is if you believe it or not.

The story, as told by the seller, is that in 1972, Yamaha released a limited run of the XS2 series of XS650 bikes. This limited run came with a 750cc engine from the factory and was produced for homologation purposes so that Kenny Roberts could run with 750cc of displacement in his flat track race bikes. However, the only other reference I could find to the GS650 was on the website of British engine rebuilder SmedSpeed. This bike was also up for sale 3 years ago here on a XS650 forum, where another reader confirms the existence.

This specific GS650 has 6,592 miles and looks to be in excellent original condition. Find it for sale here on Craigslist in Midlothian, Virginia for $15,000.

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