First Year, 585 Miles – 1959 Triumph Bonneville T-120

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1-29 Update: Apparently I don’t understand how to sell motorcycles. Even though the seller had no luck selling this bike the last time it was up for sale, it’s now up for sale for even more – $22,999

The Triumph Bonneville T-120 might be the quintessential example of the classic British bike. And today, we’ve got a first-year example of the vaunted Bonnie with just 585 miles on the odometer!

Triumph Bonneville T-120 - Right Side

Named after the venerable salt flats in Utah, this bike continued in production for 16 years, with a 650cc engine that made 46 horsepower. The parallel twin was based on the Tiger 110, but with upgraded Amal carbs that helped the bike attain 115 miles per hour stock. Though Johnny Allen set a record in 1956 with a heavily modified Triumph, hitting 214.17 mph over a standing mile. Triumph bikes kept setting new speed records through the 60s, and the company celebrated by putting stickers on Bonneville roadsters that said “World Motorcycle Speed Record Holder”.

Triumph Bonneville T-120 - Gauges

Though it’s a review of the modern Bonneville, I believe this entertaining video is worth your time:

This specific Triumph Bonneville T-120 is nearly all original, with the exception of the tail light lens, hand grips, or ammeter. It features my personal favorite paint scheme – the Tangerine/Pearl Gray combo (otherwise known as Tangerine Dream), and unfortunately, it will need an estimated 2-3 thousand to get it running again. It’s not cheap, but you won’t often get the chance to own such a low-mileage, first-year Bonnie.

Triumph Bonneville T-120 - Tank

Find this Triumph Bonneville T-120 in Daytona Beach, Florida with a BIN price of $21,999

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