Flathead V8 Power – Honest Charley

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Want 8 cylinder power in a cruiser but think that Boss Hoss bikes are ostentatious and ridiculous? Check out this Honest Charley-branded bike, which features a 60 horsepower Ford flathead! Honest Charley was one of the original speed shops – older readers may remember seeing ads for hop-up Ford parts half a century ago. According to some comments over at the Kneeslider, Honest Charley contracted with Dale Olson to sell flathead-powered hardtails.

This example started as a 1975 Honda CB750, and it was purchased by the current owner in 2007 from Honest Charley’s with 101,008 miles on the title and 01,008 on the odometer. “Since 2007 it was driven for 3,400 miles.” Despite the flathead engine, this features a 12V electrical system with alternator charging. Each build was a little bit different, but the seller’s got a running video so you can hear what it sounds like:

Find this Honest Charley build for sale in Abington, Massachusetts for $14,750 here on Craigslist.

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