Folding Scooter – 1971 American Doni Bike

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Well, here’s something I’ve never heard of before – the American Doni Bike.

I wasn’t really able to find much information on this scoot, except for an ad from the October 1971 issue of Flying Magazine:

“What is bigger than a breadbox, can fit in your shower stall, and will take you from the airport to the city at 30 mph? It’s the Doni Bike, a pint-sized motorbike imported from Italy and distributed by American Doni Cycle of Philadelphia. If you can ride a bike and don’t mind some do-it-yourself dismantling, a Doni Bike, folded down to 34x24x20 inches, will fit nicely into the luggage compartment of a [Cessna] 172. The bike can be jump started, or for quieter getaways (at camp sites where running motors are verboten), at motels after the expense account has run dry, or – use your imagination), the bike can be pedaled silently for a short distance and then started up while in motion.

American Doni Bike - Gas Tank

There are no gears to be shifted, and only one tool – a small lug wrench carried in a compartment below the seat – is necessary to pack the bike away. Equipped with two seats, the Doni can carry 400 pounds of passengers (which is better than some fully fueled airplanes we know). It’s smooth riding and easy to handle, and an excellent attention-getter, especially when ridden by a girl in a miniskirt.

$349.95, American Doni-Cycle, 5th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106″

Once you’re done chuckling about the miniskirt line, find this folding scoot for sale in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania for $1,500 here on Craigslist.

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