Frankenbike “Landspeed Chopper” – 1994 Ducati M900

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I love me a good oddball motorcycle. The sheer number of bikes floating around out there guarantees quite the variety of bizarre two-wheeled creations. Case in point: this 1994 Ducati M900 that’s been chopperized and turned into an admittedly imaginative albeit unorthodox frankenbike. Not much info is available on this one, but the photos more or less speak for themselves, granted there are a few minor details that deserve pointing out. I don’t think Miguel Angel Galluzzi (father of the Ducati monster) would necessarily approve of this one, but its nonetheless worth sharing.

The Ducati monster was a “parts bin model”, but despite that the machine went on to become a staple in the Italian marque’s lineup. Take the power-plant and front-half of the frame from a 900SS, fit that to the front suspension from a 750SS, tack on a newly designed tank – one of very few parts actually designed and produced for the Monster – and some plastic bits and voila, you have the Ducati Monster. The 1994 M900 was the largest of the original three “M machines” which came in 600cc, 750cc, and 900cc variants, (though an M400 was created for certain markets).

Powering this weirdo of a scoot is an air-cooled, 904cc, four-stroke, SOHC, desmodromic, two-valve per cylinder “L-Twin” that makes a claimed 80hp at 7,000 rpm and 56 ft-lbs of torque at 6,000 rpm. Though the stock M900 inhaled via dual Mikuni BDST 38-B129 carbs, this odd example now sports dual “hotrod style” intakes a la the Yamaha VMax. The ad doesn’t specify what this example’s wheelbase currently is, but it’s definitely a good deal larger than the M900’s stock 56.3-inch wheelbase.

A custom frame was fabbed-up for this project, supporting the engine at different points than the stock chassis. This example also makes it very clear that the trellis frame plays a vital role in the Monster’s appearance, and without it the bike’s look is greatly altered. A strange (and sharp) looking swing-arm was also crafted for this build to lengthen the wheelbase and to accommodate a larger and wider rear wheel. The gas tank on this bike appears to have come from an older model Ducati super bike too, because at this point, why the hell not? The headlight unit is another custom touch, and looks more like something you’d expect to see on an old street fighter, as is the awkward bellypan that sits beneath this example’s L-Twin. Dual analog instrumentation on this example is made up of an aftermarket speedo and tach.

In addition to the bespoke frame and swingarm work, a handful of one-off brackets and parts were made for this build. A land-speed racer style seat replaces the Monster’s factory subframe and saddle, giving this example a reclined seating position. To accommodate the new stance and rider position, a bespoke set of footpeg brackets were created to accommodate a set of beefy aftermarket pegs which are mounted much further forward than the stock 900’s rearsets. A custom “13” clutch cover was also added to the bike, as were new handlebars. Adjustable CRG shorty levers are mounted up front along with Scott grips. The monoshock in back appears to be custom too. This bike definitely isn’t for everyone, in fact I honestly have no clue who this is for, but it’s a fun one. Price is a little steep though…

You can find this custom 1994 Ducati M900 Chopper build for sale here on Hemmings Classifieds in Las Vegas, Nevada at Celebrity Cars Las Vegas with a price of $12,500.