Full Custom – 1955 Triumph TR6

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Normally, I’m not a really huge fan of shop customized motorcycles. I love what people do to their own rides, but normally a checkbook custom leaves me cold. This one doesn’t.


Maybe it’s that I owned a TR6 back in the day. Maybe it’s the details, including an embedded British coin, and a Pearl bottle opener as part of the tail light assembly. Maybe it’s just….


I couldn’t find much information on this bike that isn’t in the listing. I did find some about the builder and his shop. It’s in Tupelo, Mississippi (where Elvis was born) and Dan Patterson builds vintage Triumph motorcycles. Not cookie cutter Triumphs, they are each one of a kind. [Editor’s Note: the shop is called Angry Monkey Motorcycles, and their tagline is “Your One Stop Shop for Kustom-Made Death Traps”]


This 1955 Triumph TR6 (VIN # 69125) uses a T110 frame mated to a TR6 motor. It is listed as a full custom build and is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The bike has been listed for sale at least 2 other places for the same $20,000 that is the Buy It Now price on an auction that ends Saturday, November 12th

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