Genuine – 1969 Dunstall Norton Commando 750

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Post Listing Update: This Commando did not get any interest at the BIN of $17,999.

12-21-2018 Update: Another two years later and this Dunstall is up for sale again. The last time it was offered on eBay, there was 48 bids up to $34,000 but the bike did not meet reserve! Now the seller’s willing to take a lot less…find this bike for sale in Miami, Florida with a BIN of $17,999 or best offer

1-9-17 Update: Over two years later, the seller is putting this bike back up for sale. The description says it’s the same seller, though the eBay account name is different. Since the last sale attempt, the bike has been schedule to appear in an upcoming Concours D’Elegance, and it is going to be “featured in a motorcycle magazine at the end of the month.” We’re not told which magazine it is. Find this Commando for sale in Miami, Florida with bidding back up to where it stalled last time ($25,100) and the reserve not yet met

Post Listing Update – despite 33 bids up to $25,100, this Dunstall did not meet reserve.

In the past, I’ve featured plenty of Commandos that have been modified with Dunstall parts. Here’s a much more special version – one of the few bikes that came out of Dunstall when it was a separate manufacturer, incorporated so it could go racing. Say hello to this beautifully restored Dunstall Norton Commando.

Dunstall Norton Commando 750 - Front Left

This Dunstall is being offered by the second owner – the first had it from ’69 to ’81, and the bike was restored early this year. The original build sheet will be included as proof that this bike was ordered from Dunstall’s ’68-’68 catalog.

Dunstall Norton Commando 750 - Cockpit

This specific Dunstall Norton Commando (VIN: 127900) and has 4,708 miles on it. The build sheet shows plenty of work, but it’s based on a Commando frame and Commando 745cc engine – the latter of which received a Mk. 3 street camshaft, 10:1 pistons, bronze valve guides, and more. The bike also features Lyster disc brakes (but it comes with the original twin leading shoe front wheel), a GT fairing, 3.5 gallon tank, clipons, and even red fork gaiters.

Dunstall Norton Commando 750 - Right Side

Find this Dunstall Norton Commando for sale in Miami, Florida with bidding up to $8,077 and the reserve not yet met