Guess That Bike – No Picture Edition

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I recently got an email from Jeff M, a reader in the Bay Area. I met up with him during my last trip to SF and we had a discussion about how no motorcycle manufacturer makes the exact bike he wants. Well, after some careful consideration it turns out there was actually one bike that checked all of his boxes, and he’s just picked it up. If I list out his criteria, can you guess what he just put in his garage?

Jeff’s requirements:
1.) Cruise control
2.) Cornering/IMU-based ABS
3.) Factory luggage available
4.) Upright/comfortable seating position
5.) Reasonably low weight (500 lbs-ish or less)
6.) Reasonably low seat height/not too tall/huge

I’ll add that it was a leftover 2017 model and he bought this bike as a sport-tourer to replace his FJ-09. So, can you guess what he got?

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